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With family or friends, Sapporo is a chartered car.

Travel efficiently and conveniently!

The plan is recommended for first-time visitors to Sapporo.

Visit popular tourist attractions in downtown Sapporo.

삿포로 스스키노

Sapporo Full-day Tour

벨파이어 배경무.png

¥ 65,000

  • ※ The fare for each course is per car, so it is very beneficial in terms of cost.

  • ※ The entrance fee for each tourist attraction and personal expenses including meals are not included.

  • ※ This includes parking fee and highway tolls.

  • ※ You can freely choose the point of departure and destination among the airport of hotels in downtown Sapporo.


sapporo hotel

We can pick you up from whichever hotel in Sapporo.

Please contact us if you want to take our tour van at other places


At Susukino, the longest main street full of splendid neon signs in Hokkaido, there are about 5000 stores and restaurants.

Because it is the center of transportation such as bus and subway, there are many acommodations here.

삿포로 다누키코지.jpg


It is shopping street where both old and the new shops coexist.

They sell all the souvenir that tourists are looking for.

Not only for the shopping, but it is also a perfect place for having fun at Karaoke! Because  it is all-whether arcade, you can have enjoyable time here without worrying about snow, rain, or scorching sun.

Opening Hour: Vary by the stores.

삿포로 오도리공원타워.jpg

odori park

Odori Park is a park located in the center of Sapporo. It has a TV tower which is the symbol of Sapporo.

Opening Hour : 9:00~22:00.

TV tower Observatory : 720 yen
*The park is open 24 hours (free)

삿포로 도청.jpg

Former Hokkaido Government Office

Former Hokkaido Government Office is one of the most famous landmarks in Sapporo, well-known for  its beautiful western-style building.

It was a government office of Hokkaido before, but now it is used as exhibition places and a tourist center the city.

Opening Hour : 08:45~18:00

삿포로 홋카이도신궁.jpg


One of the most important Shinto religious sites.

During New Year's or Sapporo Festival in every June, a long parade of people in traditional dress visit here. 

Opening Hour:  

  Summer 06:00-17:00
  Winter  07:00~16:00

삿포로 시로이코이비토.jpg

siroikoibito park

Siroi koibito is a snack representing Sapporo. This is an hands-on theme park with factory work where you can visit manufacturing lines, make a heart-shaped snack and enjoy the cafe.

Opening Hour: 09:00~18:00
Admission: 600 yen

(Free Zone available)

삿포로 타키노레엔.jpg


It is a cemetery with the largest area in the city of Sapporo and has Moai statue.

Opening Hour: 09:00~16:00

삿포로 모이와야마.jpg



Mt. Moiwa is the most visited night view spot. Not only being fascinated by its view over the city from the observation deck, you can also enjoy nice dinner at its on-site restaurant.

Opening Hour : 10:30~22:00      
Fare of Ropeway : 1,700 yen 


sapporo hotel

We will drop you off at whichever hotel in Sapporo.

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