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This course is recommended by Aozora staff.

  • ※ The fare for each course is per car, so it is very beneficial in terms of cost.

  • ※ The entrance fee for each tourist attraction and personal expenses including meals are not included.

  • ※ This includes parking fee and highway tolls.

  • ※ You can freely choose the point of departure and destination among the airport of hotels in downtown Sapporo.


It's a one-day tour of the Biei & Furano region, which is also a must-see


course for Hokkaido.

Enjoy the real beauty of winter with your local guide.

Biei & Furano Full-day Tour

오타루 오르골당.jpg

Otaru 4 hours Tour

This course offers a short time to see the sights of Otaru.

This is a substantial tour with local guide living in the area.

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