Otaru Full-day Tour

It's a tour of the Otaru area, famous for the filming location of the movie Love Letter.
There are many historical buildings that still stand around the Otaru Canal from 100 years ago, which provide a nostalgic atmosphere that you can enjoy as you walk around. 

¥ 48,000

  • ※ The fare for each course is per car, so it is very beneficial in terms of cost.

  • ※ The entrance fee for each tourist attraction and personal expenses including meals are not included.

  • ※ This includes parking fee and highway tolls.

  • ※ You can freely choose the point of departure and destination among the airport of hotels in downtown Sapporo.

sapporo/otaru hotel

We can pick you up from whichever hotel in Sapporo or Otaru.

Please contact us if you want to take our tour van at other places

nikka whisky distillery

In this tour of the distillery, you can look around the facilities and the process of whiskey production from drying raw barley to storing whiskey in a bottle.

Opening Hour : 09:00~17:00

Otaru canal

Contrary to a unique and nostalgic landscape during the day, you can rather enjoy a romantic landscape at Otaru Canal with beautiful lights at sunset. 

sakaimachi street

This streets is an attractive and well-preserved merchant street in central Otaru.

In the late 1800s and the early 1900s, Otaru thrived as a port city, and many companies constructed impressive western style buildings.

Many of these buildings have been converted into restaurants, cafes, souvenir shop, boutiques and museums.

kitaichi glass

The local glass producer Kitaichi opened this glass museum dedicated to the arts of Venice.

In the museum, visitors can see an exhibition of Venetian glassware, clothing and furniture as well as a full-sized gondola.

Opening Hour : 8:45-17:30,

              close 18:00

otaru Orgel museum

The main building of Otaru Orgel Museum was built in 1912. Enjoy the world of Orgel(music box) in nostalgic atmosphere.

Opening Hour : 09:00~18:00

Mt. Tengu ropeway

The nighttime scenery here is regarded as one of the top three Hokkaido night views. You find a fascinating scenery made by tons of lights only here.

Opening Hour : 09:00~21:00

Fare of Ropeway : 1,250 Yen

sapporo/otaru hotel

We will drop you off at whichever hotel in Sapporo or Otaru.



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