Biei & Furano Full-day Tour

Biei & Furano is a must-visit destination for a trip to Hokkaido.

You can enjoy the real beauty of winter !

¥ 55,000

  • ※ The fare for each course is per car, so it is very beneficial in terms of cost.

  • ※ The entrance fee for each tourist attraction and personal expenses including meals are not included.

  • ※ This includes parking fee and highway tolls.

  • ※ You can freely choose the point of departure and destination among the airport of hotels in downtown Sapporo.


We can pick you up from whichever hotel in Sapporo or New chitose airport.

Please contact us if you want to take our tour van at other places

Patchwork Road

The name oh the road, "Patchwork Road", is from its scenery from above. This road is well-known as both a commercial filming location and a packaging design inspiration Here are the main spots: a poplar called "Ken and Mary Tree" in a car commercial, a row of larches on Mild Seven Hill in a cigarette commercial, and a oak called "Seven star Tree" on a cigarette packaging design.


It is a gallery of self-portrait opened by a famous Japanese photographer, Shinjo Maeda.

It is especially famous for a beautiful birch tree path near here. 

Opening Hour : 9:00~17:00

 Admission  : Free

Blue pond

The name oh the pond, "Blue pond" represents its cobalt blue color, which is from natural minerals dissolved in the water.

In winter, there is a light-up event

Light up Hours : sunset~21:00


water falls

This falls are made by underground water flowing from cracks on rocks, it is an unusual scenery in Japan.

In winter, you can enjoy even more fantastic atmosphere with a light-up event

ningle terrace

It is a shopping area in Furano's forest, filled with cute and creative crafts including wooden crafts in owl-shape and glass crafts in themes of snow or ice

Opening Hours : 12:00~20:45

             vary by the stores


We will drop you off at whichever hotel in Sapporo.



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